What to Do Before Moving To California

1. Choosing an Area To Move To

Before moving to California, the first very thing you should do is choosing an area to live in. If you’re ready and committed to move to California, choosing an area which fits your budget and career opportunities is very important.

Here are a few cities along with their distinctive features to help you in choosing which one suits you best;

  1. Los Angeles

A central hub for industries ranging from Entertainment to Tech, it’s a great area to move into if you’re looking for a place with great weather and entertainment.

The average rent in Los Angeles is $2,265 and the average price of a house is $799,000.

  1. San Diego

San Diego is one of the happiest cities of the state because of the warm weather, relaxing vibes and great beaches. It’s a great place to consider if you’re looking for a laid-back and relaxing everyday life.

The average rent in San Diego is about $1,887 and the average price of a house is $629,000.

  1. California’s Bay Area

California’s Bay Area includes cities like San Francisco, San Jose and Oakland. These cities are famous for being the hotbed for tech companies and having a high energy atmosphere. If you’re looking for a place that is unique, beautiful and offers high job opportunities, then you should consider the cities in California’s Bay Area.

The average Bay Area rent can range from $2,900 in San Francisco to $1,952 in Oakland. The average price of a house is typically $900,000.

  1. North and Suburban Areas

Even with the high livelihood prices in California, cities in the north of the Bay Area such as Irvine, Oxnard, Vacaville, Fresno, and Roseville are the perfect places to consider if you’re looking around with cheaper cost of living and a suburban town feel. You’ll be able to easily afford rent here or even buy a house and get by on a lower income with a less hectic and urban lifestyle.

Moves to San Francisco

2. Decide on a Rental Budget

It’s best to settle on a rental budget that you know you can stick to as you consider places and accommodation choices. Check the average price of renting or purchasing a home in the region you are interested in, and then look at your savings, wages, and present budget to see what you can afford.

3. Make a List of Items You Know You’ll Need

When you’ve decided on an area and a rental budget, the next thing you’ll need to do is making a list of items that you know you can’t do without. It’s a good idea to research and calculate and see which items are cost-effective in moving to California and which items can be sold and re-purchased. If you’re moving on a budget, the less you move, the more you’ll save on shipping or moving costs. When all of this sorted out, choose a moving company with the best prices and move into the house you just bought or rented out! Before wrapping this up, you should also be ready to;

  1. Opening a bank account near to your home so you can easily visit the bank in your early days of right after moving in.
  2. Checking out the registration time for schools and move in accordingly. You don’t want the admissions to be closed when you move in.
  3. Knowing where all the City Halls are. As a resident, this is crucial information because you’ll be invited to formal events.

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